Testimonials Business

  • “We opened our DOJO in Portland Maine and Werner was a great help in this process. The building we were renovating had been neglected for many years. There were business failures and family break ups. We were having difficulty during our build out with timing and contractors. I noticed that it was hard to center and focus. My son, a very happy guy, would have a very hard time while in the space.

… I contacted Werner and we spent an afternoon together clearing the space. That afternoon my son came in and was happy there for the first time! The problems with tensions went away and we made our opening schedule with a great space. There was a definite shift in the energy of the whole building.
… I would highly recommend Werner’s work. He has a very calm and clear way and his practice of Feng Shui is very different from what I expected.”

                    -Gary Small, Aikido of Maine / www.aikidoofmaine.com

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to express how much I appreciate the Feng Shui work you have performed for my company, Forefield Inc. Forefield, founded in 1997, employs 44 people and has an outstanding business model. However, we were constantly struggling to reach our major business milestones. …The work you have done has provided me, our employees and investors with a tremendous and enduring benefit.”

                    -Ronald E. Newton, CFP, Chairman, Forefield, Inc., Worcester; Massachussetts


  • “We sponsored a Feng Shui seminar at the clinic. Everyone who attended is involved in health care in one capacity or another. It was an incredible day, with everyone excited about their new-found knowledge and the implications it has on their lives. Werner’s work has changed my life.”

                    -Erica Noble, D.C., Noble Chiropractic Clinic, Arundel, Maine