Solutions for challenges with Geopathic Stress & EMFs, tools that balance a person’s energy, support self healing, revitalize water and food.

BioResonance Laser
Informational subtle frequencies in a blue laser to boost the energy of water & food. Check out the live-blood-microscopy results from microwaved water!
Detailed Information on Geopathic Stress and how to get rid of it

Microwave News
Bi-monthly magazine about studies, research and new laws on EMR issues

Raymond Lo
Raymond Lo’s website

Aikido of Maine
Aikido – the Japanese martial-art for self-defense and spiritual development.

Dr. Samuel Sagan

Sahaja Yoga 
Self realization and kundalini awakening through meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Kartenlegen Wien
Tarotreading in Vienna – Austria



The Complete Feng Shui Health Handbook

Wilhelm Gerstung Jens Mehlhase, M.D. ISBN 0-914955-60-8

Praxis der Geopathologie

Andreas Kopschina ISBN 3-927110-16-7

Energy Medicine – The Scientific Basis

James L. Oschman ISBN 0-443-06261-7

Public Exposure Video

on the impacts of wireless technology.

Electrosmog – Eine wissenschaftliche Dokumentation

A. Varga

Earth radiation

Käthe Bachler ISBN 0-9514151-0-7

Hands of Light

Barbara Brennan ISBN 0-553-34539-7


Samuel Sagan ISBN 0-9586700-0-5

Entity Possession

Samuel Sagan ISBN 0-89281-612-0

Awakening the Third Eye

Samuel Sagan ISBN 0-9586700-5-6

Biophotonen – Das Licht in unseren Zellen

Marco Bischof ISBN 3-86150-095-7

The Secret of the Creative Vacuum

John Davidson ISBN 0-85207-202-3

Sick and Tired

Robert O. Young ISBN 1-58054-056-2

The pH Balance

Robert O. Young ISBN 0-446-69049-x

The pH Balance for Diabetes

Robert O. Young NEW! July,29th 04

Ask and It Is Given

Esther & Jerry Hicks ISBN 1-4019-0459-9

Messages from Water

Masaru Emoto ISBN 4-939098-00-1

The Power of Intention

Wayne Dyer ISBN 1-4019-0215-4

The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water

Bob McCauley ISBN 0-9703933-2-6