Typical challenges to look out for, many of them HEALTH related:

  • Sleeping problems, waking up around 3am
  • General feelings of exhaustion, sometimes even depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
  • General unhappiness and low energy
  • Poor or degrading health, after several years often leading to serious health challenges, often Cancer
  • Many long term and chronic health issues, from migraines to MS
  • Nervousness, lack of focus
  • Poor school results, ADD, ADHD
  • Financial struggle, money does not stay in the house
  • Unsatisfied relationships, divorce
  • Problems in professional career

Concerns for a HOME include:

  • Geopathic stress from underground water veins, fault lines and earth grid systems
  • Waterbeds
  • EMF (electromagnetic fields) from cellphones, computers and wireless technology
  • Dirty Electricity from power lines, transformers, compressors in refrigerators.
  • Microwave ovens
  • Power blenders for fruit and vegetables
  • Water machines/ ionizers, RO equipment (Reverse Osmosis)!
  • Irregular shapes of buildings like L-shape or U-shape, house additions, attached garages
  • Very close neighbor buildings or apartments with overlapping aura fields
  • Swimming pools close to a house or in-house pools
  • Slanted ceilings in bedrooms, ceiling beams
  • Staircases running out the front door
  • Bedroom above garage
  • Weak main entrance overshadowed by huge garage doors
  • Exposed bathrooms to an entrance area or to bedrooms
  • Clutter in different places throughout the house slowing down the flow of Chi
  • Sharp corners pointing towards an entrance, a bed, a workplace.

If Geopathic stress has been found or if a general weakness in the house design has been identified, steps need to be taken to counteract and neutralize them. This is in most cases cheaper than moving.

Concerns on a PERSONAL level:

  • Exposure to Geopathic stress on the move, wherever one goes.
  • EMF related stress from electronics, phones, computers, videogames, wireless fields
  • A challenging environment at workplaces and offices with lots of electronics
  • Support in working environments with constant use of wireless headphone equipment, such as retail stores and drive-through restaurants
  • Energetic protection when driving a car and from car electronics (especially in hybrids!)
  • Assistance from jetlag when flying
  • Strengthening of one’s biofield against draining people (“energy vampires”)
  • Providing subtle frequencies for better physical and emotional balance
  • Providing subtle frequencies for better focus and concentration
  • Ideal for teenagers who “cannot live” without modern technology
  • Ideal for parents in today’s work environment

We do not claim this list to be complete nor that we are able to fix all those issues with one magical Feng Shui cure. However, we are very confident that the energetic change of the living environment is an essential part in every successful recovery.