The much bigger and more popular approach in the west, and especially the US, is a more contemporary approach called Black Hat Sect (BTB) – Feng Shui. The founder, Professor Lin Yun, was head of a Buddhist Tibetan tradition and had started his version of Feng Shui  in California in the eighties. BTB Feng Shui uses a simplified version of the Bagua, the 3-Door Bagua, and remedies with asian symbolism to help balance specific situations, missing areas, etc.  Over the years many students of Professor Lin Yun have written their own books and practice and teach his techniques.  In one of my workshops I did a survey with the students and we found that about 80% of books in stores were based on BTB information.

In Europe, the Traditional Schools of Feng Shui are represented quite well and mixed with European traditions of Geomancy and dowsing.  Over the last 2 decades a number of well known international Feng Shui masters have met the rising interest in Feng Shui and shared their knowledge.  Feng Shui is so well received in Austria that the government in Upper Austria (where I grew up) subsidizes the first two hours of a Feng Shui consultation for homeowners.