How to Use a Tensor

Work with the Tensor or Pendulum

Tensors or pendulums enable us to get a positive or negative answer to a precise question from an area of our own perception of which we are either unconscious or inadequately conscious. At the same time, this deals with making our own perceptions visible. Tensors or pendulums can therefore just show what we ourselves sense on the unconscious level. When we ask questions in the appropriate manner, we become capable of making visible our unconscious perception through a muscle reaction. We then receive a reaction from the tensor or pendulum.

Reactions of the Tensor

Grasp the handle of the tensor with your hand. Be sure that you are not tense while doing so. If you use a tensor with a ring as a weight at the tip, the ring should be oriented in an approximately horizontal manner.

There is a limited number of possible tensor reactions (movements). So it is important to assign a clear meaning to the individual reactions of the tensor. This assignment occurs when we mentally decide what these reactions are to mean. In general, you should determine the reaction for YES and NO. But we recommend that you also determine a further reaction for NO ANSWER. In addition, we recommend assigning the up and down movement (vertical) of the pendulum to the answer YESand the movement to the left and the right (horizontal) to the answer NO. If other reactions for YES and NO, as well as NO ANSWER, have proved to be effective for you, then stick with them.