Feng Shui in the Bedroom

When we think of rejuvenation in Feng Shui we have to look at the part of the house where we reclaim our Qi. More than any other room, the bedroom is the designated room where we spend 6-8 hours each day with the explicit purpose of resting and recovering from the previous days drain and replenishing ourselves for the demands of the next day. Following are a number of suggestions to optimize the Qi in the bedroom:

  • Most important is to make sure the bed is free of Geopathic Stress. Studies from Europe over the last 70 years show that Geopathic Stress drains our energy, compromises our immune system and leads to serious health issues over time. As readers already know we practice dowsing to verify the energetic situation and use Applied Kinesiology to demonstrate the effects to clients.
  • Any metal on top of these Geopathic Stress zones causes a refraction of Geopathic energies across the entire room. These metals can be: metal bedframes, metal furniture, ceiling lamps, TV’s, stereos, as well as, mirrors! (the reflecting layer at the back of a mirror is made of metal). Therefore avoid big mirrors in the bedroom!
  • Always seek a strong position for the bed with good support from behind, the part which backs up a person when they’re sitting up in bed. We recommend a solid wall behind the bed without a window or any empty space there.
  • A diagonal orientation of the bed has a weakening effect and at least has to be filled out with furniture and/or a strong plant. A solid headboard helps to anchor the sleeping spot, as well.
  • Avoid positioning a bed below a window. The energetic support is insufficient, sleep will be restless. If the room is too small for a change use a strong headboard, as mentioned above, and darken the window with dense curtains at night. Children, being very sensitive energetically, will show immediate reactions with their sleeping patterns.
  • The smaller the master bathroom the better. Keep the door between bedroom and bathroom closed. Bathroom pipes generally pull the energy downwards, the same way a chimney pulls it upwards. Both cases are imbalanced.
  • Long, straight hallways leading directly towards the bedroom create excess energy and increase restlessness.
  • TV’s, computers, stereos and clockradios generally should be banned from the bedroom. Clockradios, especially those with red numbers, radiate particularily unhealthy energy frequencies as a result of the material the red numbers are made of. All of these devises emanate electro-magnetic fields which disturb rest and recuperation. TV’s and computer monitors need to at least, be unplugged over night to release high voltage charges of the monitor tubes.
  • A bed positioned between two doors or a door and a window often causes sleeping disorders as the energy passes through too directly.
  • Sharp edges of walls and furniture have a cutting effect on the energy field of a person and therefore should be neutralized with curtains or plants.
  • Plants in the bedroom should have soft, round leaves condusive to the energy being created.
  • Ceiling beams divide a space. A beam positioned down the middle of a master bed can create feelings of separation. If the beam is crossing over one persons body, their aura functions may be impaired and eventually contribute to actual health challenges.
  • Ceiling beams should be as invisible as possible. Choose the same paint for the beam as the ceiling to blend the beam in with the background (avoid dark-stained beams on a white background). Canopy beds create an artificial ceiling and work well in this situation.
  • Triangular windows can bring a great amount of restlessness into a home, because of the irregularity of the shape.
  • Generally, windows should be in healthy proportion to the walls and doors. Windows that are too small shut off the Qi from outside. Very large windows drain the Qi too quickly.
  • As always, the more clutter, the more the Qi flow is inhibited. We like to keep the good energy flowing. Therefore clear out old clothes, magazines and books.

In addition, there are separate calculation systems adressing people’s most favourable sleeping directions. The East-West-System and the Ming Gua calculations allow a person to define four more and four less favourable compass directions.

I wish you good Qi and pleasant dreams!