When Babies Don’t Sleep

The only thing worse than the utter exhaustion of having been up all night with your baby, is the frustration of not knowing what is wrong; not knowing why your baby can’t sleep. There are only a handful of reasons which make babies cry: hunger, a dirty diaper, or some unidentified pain which is, of course, the worst.

However, there actually is another possibility, one which is much better known about in European countries, a form of distress caused by subtle, yet disturbing energies in the environment called Geopathic Stress. Geopathic Stress zones are areas in our living space where harmful energies are emitted from the earth. European studies document the affects these zones have on our health, ability to sleep, and capacity to heal. Babies are very sensitive to subtle energies and very much aligned with the natural rhythms of the earth. If your baby sleeps in a room of your house where Geopathic Stress is present, sleeping will be very difficult.

Geopathic Stress is one of the reasons children have nightmares, fall out of bed or want to come into their parents’ bed. It keeps them in an state of subtle permanent stress, therefore prevents them to relax and to be able to fall into a deep sleep.

How familiar are you with the scene where you put your baby to bed nicely in the middle of their crib, tuck them in, only to come back an hour later and find your baby has either moved to one side or the other, is scrunched up at the head of the crib or lying across the bottom. And no matter how many times you tuck that baby back in the middle, he or she will squirm around until they get themselves off the disturbing energy path and are finally able to rest. Unfortunately, babies can often do very little to change their predicament, except cry.

In the 1970’s an Austrian dowser, Kaethe Bachler, published an extensive study with more than 3000 school children who had trouble with their sleep and/or school performance. She documented numerous cases which quickly improved as soon as the children‘s bed positions were changed. I have mentioned Kaethe Bachler’s work in other articles, and recently discovered a reprint of her work in English at the Dowsing Convention in Vermont, last month.

In my own practice as a Feng Shui and Geopathology consultant, I have seen many cases confirming these observations. One of my personal favorites is a consult I did in a multi-family home in San Francisco. I was asked by a family to check the Feng Shui of their space. The way I work when I assess a home or business is very energy oriented, I call it “European style” of Feng Shui. I access through dowsing very specific parameters of energies in the building and on the land. When I dowsed the living and sleeping areas, we found a major 12 inch wide Geopathic line in the midst of the bedroom. Space was limited and as there was no satisfactory way to rearrange the position of the bed, which is always our first attempt for a solution, we decided to go with an energetic Home Harmonizer which neutralizes the affects of Geopathic Stress for a whole building.

Later, the family shared some feedback with me. The morning after my consult, which was a Sunday, my client met with the neighboring dad from the other side of the multi-unit, on the front doorstep while collecting their morning papers. The neighbor, who had not known of my visit the day before and had only moved in two or three months earlier, was obviously very pleased about something. When my client inquired, the neighbor reported that their 8 month old baby had slept through the night for the first time since they had moved in.

When I was brought back to investigate the second part of the house, I found that the same earth grid line which ran through the first family’s bedroom we had looked at before, also went through the bedroom of the neighbor family, directly under the baby’s crib. The crib was positioned in such a way that the line ran lengthwise through the crib leaving no possibility for the baby to avoid the discomfort of the Geopathic energies. The energetic shield we installed harmonizes a whole building and does not distinguish between units within, therefore allowed the baby for the first time to sleep restfully.

Typical reactions of children sleeping on Geopathic structures:

  • Restless sleep; tossing,turning, and kicking off blankets
  • Always ending up on one side of the crib or bed, falling out of bed
    Nightmares and night terrors
  • Running into the parents‘ bed in the middle of the night, often multiple times a night
  • Hyperactivity during the day
  • Lack of concentration at school and with homework
  • ADD and similar described behaviours
  • Bedwetting
  • Frequent colds, coughs and ear infections
  • General weakening of the immune system, possible increase of allergies and many other chronic issues

If you are not sure if Geopathic Stress is the cause for your baby‘s restlessness, try changing where they sleep for a few nights. Usually it takes a few days for a small child to adapt and detox from the energetic charge of Geopathic Stress. The metabolism is even quicker with small babies and you should see improvements within a day or two, whereas an adult might take several weeks or even months to rid themselves of the energetic charge.

Please, also, reduce electronic equipment in your bedrooms as much as possible. Electro-magnetic pollution is a newer challenge falling under the field of Geopathology. Keep clock radio’s, TVs, telephones, charging stations, cell phones, and all wireless devices out of sleeping areas. We also recommend to turn off your wireless router at night.

If you are interested in more information on Geopathic Stress, please see our previous articles in the Inner Tapestry and visit our additional new website www.Geopathology.com