BioResonance Tools

What needs to be done?


IF POSSIBLE, simply move the bed. If necessary, sleep in another room and adapt the new layout throughout the entire house.


Limit your time on the phone and your children’s playtime on the computer. Keep electronics out of the bedroom. Turn off the wireless router at night. Finally, throw out your microwave!

3. APPLY STANDARD FENG SHUI MEASURES as described in numerous Feng Shui books:

Fill in missing areas through landscaping if possible. Adjust the Chi in the house flow through changing the arrangement of furniture. Counteract sharp corners in the house with fabric and designs. Bring in 5-element cures to boost the energy of “weak” Bagua areas. Neutralize ceiling beams, roof slopes and similar Feng Shui challenges with uplifting features. Boost the Chi with plants, water elements and moving objects. To choose from the many suggestions, however, I recommend to use dowsing, bodydowsing or any other method of energy testing.

4. If changes are NOT POSSIBLE or to enhance all these measures, use our specifically developed BioResonance tools:



space-harmonizerneutralize Geopathic stress in an entire building, home or office (Geopathic stress from underground water, fault lines, earth grids such as Hartmann Grid, Curry Grid, Benker Grid, 250 meter and 400 m grid, moon stripes). They reduce EMF related stress from cellphones, computers, all wireless devices, office equipment, transformers, smart meters throughout the house and balance the space in case of typical Feng Shui challenges, such as irregular shapes, split levels, ceiling beams, steep roof slopes, etc. They also protect and hold your space against the intrusive energy from too close neighbors.


PRO silver 2b - 72dpiprovide personal protection from all forms of Geopathic Stress, EMFs and draining energies of other people (“energy vampires”). In addition they strengthen physical and emotional balance and improve focus and concentration. They can be worn as a necklace but also just carried in a pocket. They protect a person’s energy wherever they go. Great to wear around computers all day, for support with jetlag on a trip or for athletes of all sports where improved balance and endurance are needed.


E-smog on grey1 -72dpi-jpgcounteracts EMF related stress caused by electronic devices, cellphones, cordless phones, computers, office equipment, TVs, video games, even hairdryers and blenders.
Superflat technology allows to slide the E-Smog Harmonizer inside a battery compartment or between the phone and a  case. We recommend not to stick it onto the back of the phone if you want to re-use it with the next phone.


004are our latest development. They energize water and food through subtle frequencies embedded in the carrier wave of a coherent laser light. The encoded information fields reverse the energetic damage caused by geopathic stress and EMFs. A typical application would be the reversal of energetically damaged food from a microwave oven, or very similar harm appearing in drinking water when the water bottle was kept on the desk too close to your cellphone or computer.

See live-blood microscopy experiments before and after laser application at

As already mentioned we highly recommend using any form of energy testing such as dowsing, bodydowsing or kinesiology to determine if our products benefit you and which one would work best.