Business Consultations primarily aim to increase business, and often include tapping into more efficient ways of dealing with resources, creating a tension-free work environment, and improving relationships between business partners and employees.

We are able to increase work productivity by minimalizing energetically draining situations due to Geopathic Stress zones and boosting the positive energy. Additionally, we are able to offer highly effective shielding tools product solutions)( that protect against the unavoidable exposure to electro-magnetic fields [EMF], of computers, cellphone and other office- and high-tech equipment.

Businesses often experience significant changes when moving to a new location. A classic situation is found when well-doing companies rapidly expand and then need more space. However, after the move, business unexpectedly slows down, deals fall through and suddenly it becomes a struggle to cover the costs

Therefore we seriously recommend for a business, that plans to move, to seek Feng Shui advice as early as possible in the process.


  • Map or sketch of the property

  • Floor plan or sketch of the building and of the apartment, if applicable.

  • Magnetic (and if possible True) North direction

  • A clear intent of what you want

  • Birthdates of company executives


Business Consultations cover a wide range from small businesses to corporations. Needs and expectations need to be discussed in full detail. Please feel free to call for an estimate.

A second consultation after a few weeks increases efficency and supports the understanding of the overall process. For this reason, a follow-up consultation is highly recommended.