[vc_row rt_row_background_width=”default” rt_row_style=”default-style” rt_row_borders=”” rt_row_paddings=”true” rt_bg_effect=”classic” rt_bg_image_repeat=”repeat” rt_bg_size=”cover” rt_bg_position=”right top” rt_bg_attachment=”scroll” rt_bg_video_format=”self-hosted”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our consultations always start with an analysis of Geopathic Stress zones.

The main rooms of the house are thoroughly examined and all grid systems, underground watercourses and earth fault lines are mapped out. Electromagnetic fields – such as from power lines, TV monitors or cell-phones – are tested for their effects.

Most important are places where one spends a lot of time, such as the bedroom, the office or a TV chair. We pay particular attention to children’s bedrooms and playrooms since children react strongly to exposure of these subtle energies. You may notice recurrent nightmares, hyper-active behaviour and difficultyat school.

Residential Consultations address both the detection and shielding of Geopathic Stress zones and the enhancement of essential chi in a home. Important for a benevolent situation are the shape of the property, the form of the house itself and the landscape around it. We only are able to work inside the house with the amount of chi that is available outside. The design of the rooms, the positioning of stairs, doors and windows define the flow of chi inside the house. The various areas of the BAGUA, such as the relationship area, the wealth and prosperity area or the career area, can be treated with a number of cures and energy boosts.

Many clients are concerned that after a Feng Shui consultation their house would overflow with Chinese tools such as crystals, octagonal mirrors and bamboo flutes. However, by understanding energetic properties and patterns of things we are able to apply cures of western origin and items of personal preference.

After the evaluation of the house energies and in order to shift stagnant chi situations we might recommend a Spaceclearing, either traditional or in combination with QXCI-computer technology (Quantum Xerroid Consciousness Interface).


  • Map or sketch of the property

  • Floor plan or sketch of the building and of the apartment, if applicable.

  • Magnetic (and if possible True) North direction

  • A clear intent of what you want

  • Birthdates of family members


We work on an hourly basis to enable the fairest situation for our clients. Private consultations usually take two to three hours depending on the size of the house and the particular issues one needs addressed. In some situations, travel costs may occur.

A second consultation after a few weeks increases efficency and supports the understanding of the overall process. For this reason, a follow-up consultation is highly recommended.