Webster’s: “geo” – of the earth, “pathology” – all the conditions, processes or results of a particular disease.

GEOPATHOLOGY is the study of the nature of earthlines, underground water courses, earthfaults and energy vortexes, and their effect on our health and well-being. Methods of how to avoid these areas and how to shield against them are described.

GEOPATHIC STRESS is a term that includes harmful energies of all kinds, natural grids, earth fault lines and water veins, as well as the electromagnetic fields (EMF) of power lines and many household appliances (microwaves, TVs, radios) with a special emphasis on cellphones, computers and computer monitors. (also called “Electro-Smog”)


We’ve made the search for Geopathic Stress zones an important part of our Feng Shui consultations and also offer seminars specifically on this topic.

For the detection and measurement of Electro-smog as electrical, magnetic and high-frequency fields we use electronic instruments whenever technology offers such an option.

However, to measure the negative effect directly on the body or register its impact on the subtle bio-field technical scientific instrumentation is still quite limited. We have to use methods like dowsing, body-dowsing ( links to Geopathology site)  and other forms of energetic testing as applied in Applied Kinesiology and BodyTalk.

For more detailed information on possible causes for geopathic stress, on earth grids and dowsing, go to

Protect yourself


After identification of possible geopathic grids or lines the rule of thumb is always to avoid these stress areas altogether. If your bed is affected move it to another corner, if you feel drained at your workplace, move your desk and check for electromagnetic fields from computers and electronics.

If a change of position is not possible, some natural materials can be used with different degrees of shielding, depending on the material – and sometimes even a specific brand used. In older times straw mattresses and stamped clay floors provided some natural shielding. New building materials, such as concrete, unfortunately, give very little protection. Thick layers of high quality natural cork provide some protection, but need to be selected carefully.

The modern approach is to use energetic devices to shield whole buildings, to protect the biofield of an individual or to transform the disturbing electro stress of a specific electronic gadget. We’ve worked with different companies and product lines over the years and still do. Most of them offer great support for specific challenges.

However, in order to avoid the need of multiple devices to cover a complex situation (e.g. for underground water, earth grids, EMFs, other peoples draining energies, etc.) we’ve developed a set of new fantastic tools with the widest range of possible applications.

Our Harmonizers and BioResonance pendants protect from all types of Geopathic disturbances and integrate important beneficial subtle frequencies on top.