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Water Harmonizer


The Water Harmonizer assists with restructuring and re-energizing water and food. If exposed to geopathic stress and/or EMFs, water loses quickly its original positive energetic qualities. The Water Harmonizer is energetically programmed to put 50+ subtle informational frequencies (from our BioResonance Laser research) back into your drinking water to re-establich its original beneficial structure and vibration.

Especially beneficial for use with osmosis water systems and distilled water.

Use either flat on a table under a water bottle or food plate (for at least 2 minutes, depending on thickness and materials of the food container) or adhere the Water Harmonizer directly to the side of the bottle/jar/container. You might just tape it on or use a rubber band in order to reuse it later on a different bottle.

The backside of the Harmonizer is adhesive. However, once it is stuck on it is difficult to take it off again without damaging it.

If used on a water bottle or food which is carried or stored next to a cellphone or computer we advice to put an additional E-Smog Harmonizer onto the EMF producing device.

For blenders and juicers we also recommend to combine the Water Harmonizer with an E-Smog Harmonizer. Use the E-Smog protector on the motor part of the blender, the Water Harmonizer on the glass’plastic part where the food is placed. See Water Harmonizer Combo.

Product is 1 1/2 inch in diameter.
Made with Superflat technology from real 24 carat gold material for maximum performance.



NOT dishwasher safe! Handwash only. NOT for use INSIDE a microwave!


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