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Practitioner Package


This package not only assists with quick clearing of energies of clients, but also with improving relations between co-workers and creating a fresh space for better communication and efficiency in an office.

The Practitioner Package contains:

  • 1 portable Room Harmonizer to shield geopathic stress and ro reduce EMF related stress
  • 1 Space Clearing Harmonizer to clear adverse energies from the room



Use Room Harmonizer horizontally on a flat surface of at least 1 squft of empty space around it. If it should be our of sight, it can be placed on a top shelf if there are at least 2 feet space to the ceiling or it can be even placed in an empty drawer.

The Space Clearing Harmonizer is placed on the chair or manipulation table for patients, or on a desk in the center of the room. Keep it for at least one or two minutes to clear a chair and up to 10 minutes to clear the entire room.

Use dowsing or any form of energy testing to determine more accurate clearing times. If you have not heard of or tried out Bodydowsing as a method for energy testing please look up details and descriptions.


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