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Harmonize your Space



HARMONIZE YOUR SPACE – A Dowsers perspective of Feng Shui  (EMFs, Earth Energies and your Health)

This book contains new and complementary information for the Feng Shui reader:

  • The importance of using a method such as dowsing to measure the energies of a house.
  • What circumstances are considered harmful (geopathic) and what needs to be done to correct them.
  • Which health related challenges have been linked to Geopathic stress in European research over the past 80 years.
  • Why electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and computers is a major problem on the rise and what you can do to protect yourself.
You will also learn about:
  • Feng Shui and Geopathology
  • How to understand different and sometimes contradicting Feng Shui systems
  • History of Geopathology, early experiments and studies
  • Types and causes of Geopathic stress (GS)
  • How to detect GS, signs in nature
  • Dowsing and Bodydowsing
  • EMR – ElectroMagnetic Radiation
  • Dirty Electricity
  • Microwaves and Electronics
  • Health Challenges
  • Typical symptoms and complaints
  • The mechanism behind
  • Solutions
  • 5 Steps to Harmonize Your Space
  • Feng Shui & Geopathology Consultation
  • Tips when searching for a New Home
  • 10 Ways to optimize Chi in the Bedroom
  • 10 Things to minimize your Exposure to EMFs
  • The Feng shui Toolkit – BioResonance Tools
  • Energetic structures of a house
  • The Aura of a house
  • Split level houses
  • Ming Tang
  • Testimonials and Feedback
At this point this book is only available in digital format (pdf) for download.


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