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BioResonance Chi Pendant – Basic Protection



The BioResonance CHI Pendant provides basic energetic protection from stress in the environment. It combines the functions of a GEOPATHIC STRESS SHIELD(protection from Geopathic stress from underground waterveins, earth fault lines and natural grid systems such as the Benker grid, Hartmann grid, Curry grid, etc., as well as stress caused by Electrosmog from cellphones, computers and electrical appliances) and an AURA SHIELD (protection against negative energy of other people) with 60 additional balancing bio-resonance frequencies.

Features also include energetic protection from subtle impositions/entities, often experienced with extra sensitive people.

The shield is made of sterling silver. Please use the small jewelry cleansing cloth to keep it shiny. Tarnishing reduces its effectivity.

The BioResonance CHI pendant is approximately 23mm in diameter (7/8 inches). It should be carried within an inch of the body or worn as a necklace.


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