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I just wanted to let you know that I am SO HAPPY with my new layout - thanks to you!! My mom loves it too and may be in contact with you about addressing her home/health issues. You were (ARE) very informative and helpful.

Valerie Brown, Portland, Maine

I wanted to follow up with the work you did for me. I was in France for almost a month ~ returned Friday. I must say that the place feels so much better. Today was the first time in years that I could sit outside and actually feel a rhythm with the land around me. Can't really explain it, but I bet you know what I mean. Mostly, thank you.

Rocky, Salinas, California

....the family has been remarkably better in life outlooks and positivity. Very little fighting and an incredible sense of peace. Thank you again. You have made a difference in our family!

Isabeau Esby, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"Werner's encyclopedic knowledge of Feng Shui made his class the most enjoyable and interesting of any I've taken on the subject, and it was fun besides! As a dowser, I especially appreciated Werner's great familiarity with the ley lines and pathogenic zones that we all deal with daily."

Deb Wilson, Manchester, New Hampshire

"Thank you so very much for coming to do a consultation for my mother and I. It was very enlightening. You are a wonderful teacher. My mother is doing fine."

Laura Vachon, Farmingdale, Maine

"I want to thank you for the incredible work you did on my home and on my health. The effect of your Feng Shui work was noticable the same night. I slept deeper than usual and it has continued until now.
I think the Feng Shui pendant had a noticeable effect. I used to feel dizzy and somewhat spaced out after even a short time at the computer, but since I am wearing the pendant, I feel great even after several hours of work.
The most dramatic effect I noticed came from the Home Harmonizer. At first I had a tremendous amount of discharge through my nose, combined with headaches and general malaise, but after several weeks, my health really improved dramatically. I started to gain weight and now I live like a normal person, without constant sickness. Thank you!"

Susan McCormick, Long Island, New York

"I want to thank you for all that you've done to aid us in the sale of our house and the planning of our new house. I had always been interested in Feng Shui, but I hadn't realized that it went beyond the placement, color and shape of household objects. ....
... As you know, our house had been on the market for a few months when I contacted you. While we always received positive feedback from lookers no one even made us an offer. There always seemed to be an intangible "something" that put them off.
...I was also mystified as to how you could know by standing in our bedroom that I had suffered a curious illness for most of the years we had lived there...."

Lani Wharton, Portland, Maine



"We opened our DOJO in Portland Maine and Werner was a great help in this process.
The building we were renovating had been neglected for many years. There were business failures and family break ups. We were having difficulty during our build out with timing and contractors. I noticed that it was hard to center and focus. My son, a very happy guy, would have a very hard time while in the space.
… I contacted Werner and we spent an afternoon together clearing the space. That afternoon my son came in and was happy there for the first time! The problems with tensions went away and we made our opening schedule with a great space. There was a definite shift in the energy of the whole building.
… I would highly recommend Werner's work. He has a very calm and clear way and his practice of Feng Shui is very different from what I expected."

Gary Small, Aikido of Maine

"I would like to take this opportunity to express how much I appreciate the Feng Shui work you have performed for my company, Forefield Inc. Forefield, founded in 1997, employs 44 people and has an outstanding business model. However, we were constantly struggling to reach our major business milestones. ...The work you have done has provided me, our employees and investors with a tremendous and enduring benefit."

Ronald E. Newton, CFP, Chairman, Forefield, Inc., Worcester; Massachussetts


"We sponsored a Feng Shui seminar at the clinic. Everyone who attended is involved in health care in one capacity or another. It was an incredible day, with everyone excited about their new-found knowledge and the implications it has on their lives. Werner's work has changed my life."

Erica Noble, D.C., Noble Chiropractic Clinic, Arundel, Maine


BioResonance Tools

“I received my CHI pendant last Wednesday. I wore it next morning and I have been feeling much better since. Thank you so very much.

Amparo Barrera, Forest Hills, New York


"I'm a dowser, so I had carefully checked out all possible energies where I live. I don't know what it is about the Home Harmonizer, but it has made the atmosphere in my home smoother and gentler and pleasanter. I took it with me on vacation and it did the same thing to the room I was staying in!"

Jane Lienau, Falmouth, Maine

"We live in a one-story house (rancher) and have had a big problem with carpenter ants for several years, have tried many methods to eliminate them, none of which has helped permanently.
.... As dowsers we were aware that with insect infestation there is usually also geopathic stress, and we knew of a noxious water vein cutting through our bedroom and also possibly a fault line, all of which we had addressed with various diffusing methods to little avail. We did not sleep well either for a long time, which is another sign of possible earth energy drains.
....We bought a Home Harmonizer and installed it in our bedroom, and low and behold, no ants at all from the following day on."

Rita & Kurt Maute, Reiki-practitioner and dowsers, Southampton, Pennsylvania


"The PRO Pendant arrived on Friday. The moment I put it on, I felt an upswing in my energy! Thank you for your wonderful product! I'll be sure to tell all of my friends about it!"

Justin Thyme, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


"We got our Home Harmonizer Monday. There is definitely a change in our space.

We could feel an energy shift. Also a slight vibration from the floor into our feet. I think my stereo sounds better. I will have to do some listening without the disc to compare.
There was also a difference with muscle testing."

Barry Fishman, New York City, New York


"I just wanted to let you know how the Feng Shui AURA SHIELD worked for my daughter. As you know I am a Spiritual Healer. My 24 year old daughter has tremendous abilities and is able to clearly connect with the other side. I have worked with her to strengthen her energetic boundaries well enough for her to work as a reader/medium. She recently took a 10 day healing seminar where there were 40 people attending. During a healing seminar everyone gets energy work done. This can put some in a very vulnerable situation. My daughter has so much light energy that alot of energies get attracted and sometimes stuck to her. After her 2nd day at the seminar she was feeling all kinds of stuff from others attending. I cleared and balanced her and then gave her an AURA SHIELD to wear. She absolutely loved the way that she felt wearing it. She was able to complete the entire seminar feeling rejuvenated and not having other energies bother her. She has decided to wear the AURA SHIELD all the time. She loves it!!!
Thank you,”

Janet Erickson, Marlton, New Jersey

(comment: The Aura Shield was an older product we carried. It’s functionality is now included in all our BioResonance pendants.)

“… I would also like to share that I am very sensitive to energies and that to be near computers or phones makes my head crazy - however wearing my PRO Pendant I could actually feel the energy of the computer being pushed back away from me - also since I have been wearing the pendant I have a tremendous feeling of calm and well-being.

Joanne Hansen, Canada

“I am so happy I can finally sleep now that I have my PRO pendant! I have several things but yours made a huge difference in front of the computer. Thank you!”

Anne M, Boston, Massachussetts

“Thank you Werner. The pictures of the live blood cells are fascinating.  I love my BioResonance Laser, water has never tasted so good.!  Love the instant energy this device provides.  I am experimenting with it in many things.  Amazing, Amazing!!!

Edward D., motivational trainer, New York City, NY


"I use the BioResonance PRO Laser in my work with horses with great success. Had to deal with a 12 year old stallion recently who was very jumpy and nervous. He would not let anybody get close, probably due to an ongoing issue with a lame hind leg. In the past the vet could only treat him under anesthesia. I used the laser to relax his energy field and then for a specific acupuncture treatment. The horse calmed down within minutes and his lame leg was barely noticeable after just one treatment."

Daya Scheuenstuhl, horse specialist, Munich, Germany



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