Apartment Harmonizer

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apartment-harmonizerProduct Description

Developed specifically for apartments in buildings with multiple units to balance Geopathic Stressreduce EMFs and hold the energy of the own space against overlapping energy fields of neighbor units. With its new Sterling silver core the Apartment Harmonizer has improved properties in shielding against Geopathic Stress (from undergound waterveins, earth fault lines and grid systems), in harmonizing EMFs(stress caused by electro-magnetic frequencies) and in serving as a tool to strengthen the biofield/aura of a building. It balances difficult situations described in the Feng Shui literature (sharp corners, energy drains due to staircases, bathrooms, beams, slanted ceilings, etc) and supports a site against the influences from close neighbor buildings.

Standard Features:

hakerl-blau.jpg Standard device for apartments (in buildings with multiple units)

hakerl-blau.jpg Sterling silver core, automatically updated once a year

hakerl-blau.jpg Geopathic Stress protection

hakerl-blau.jpg 100% protection against waterveins

hakerl-blau.jpg Fault lines and grid systems 100%  (Hartmann-, Benker-, Curry grid and others)

hakerl-blau.jpg EMFs up to 80% (for best results combine with pendants and E-Smogs)

Extended Features:

hakerl-blau.jpg Increase of overall Chi of building and property

hakerl-blau.jpg Holds space against neighbor structures and overlapping energy fields

hakerl-blau.jpg Balance of many Feng Shui challenges (missing areas, sharp corners, ceiling beams, steep staircases, slanted ceilings, etc.)

Space Harmonizers are used vertically flat on a wall with a tiny nail (included) and must not be covered with a picture or curtain. Finding the right position for your Space Harmonizers in your place is of vital importance for it's effectiveness. We will help you locating the ideal spot in a live phonecall, using the method of dowsing.

The Apartment Harmonizer receives a
Free Annual Auto-Upgrade.

Please note:
The Apartment Harmonizer
is the new name for the Feng Shui Apartment Plus.

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