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A number of medical studies in Germany over the last 70 years show a well-founded correlation between chronic health problems and Geopathic Stress zones. Over a period of time, these noxious energies not only drain a person's Qi, but block the effectiveness of any medical treatment, both those of traditional medicine, as well as of alternative methods.
Typical early signs of a weakened defense system are sleeping problems (insomnia, often nightmares, especially with children), a constant state of exhaustion, allergies, skin problems, asthma, migraines and back pain. Over time more serious chronic health problems and even heart disease or cancer may develop. (Study of 8200 patients: Kopschina, Daun - GEOPATHOLOGY: The pathological effect of geopathic stress - Earth rays, Electro-smog and Environmental stress. Germany 1995)
Geopathic Stress alone does not cause an illness such as cancer but rather unceasingly weakens the body's defense system, which over time and in connection with other stress factors leads to a collapse of the immune functions of the body.
However, without a Geopathic Stress analysis at the beginning of any Feng Shui consultation all further efforts concerning balancing the energies will fail or at least be diminished and true health cannot be assured!
Geopathic Stress (= stress caused by earth related disharmonies) forces cells into an acidic state as all stresses do. The acidic terrain then is the real origin of illness. It is a perfect environment for virus and bacteria to settle, creating further imbalances such as yiest, fungus, mold and other disturbances. The body needs to compensate even more and gets deeper and deeper into trouble.
Our approach therefore is to stop any cause for stress, regardless of its origin: 
> Earthbound stress by addressing and shielding Geopathic stress (with Feng Shui).>> Nutritional stress by choosing a healthier and more alkaline diet.>>> Emotional stress through meditation, positive thinking and paths of spiritual growth.
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