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Webster's: "geo" - of the earth, "pathology" - all the conditions, processes or results of a particular disease.
GEOPATHOLOGY is the study of the nature of earthlines, underground water courses, earthfaults and energy vortexes, and their effect on our health and well-being. Methods of how to avoid these areas and how to shield against them are described.
GEOPATHIC STRESS is a term that includes harmful energies of all kinds, natural grids, earth fault lines and water veins, as well as the electromagnetic fields (EMF) of power lines and many household appliances (microwaves, TVs, radios) with a special emphasis on cellphones, computers and computer monitors. (Electro-smog)How can somebody detect Geopathic Stress zones and EMFs (electro-magnetic fields)?
How to shield earthlines and noxious earth energies?
What are the different energy characteristics of Geopathic Stress zones?
A quick questionnaire for possible signs of Geopathic stress!
With a better understanding of the different types of subtle structures (The Complete Health Handbook by Gerstung/Mehlhase, M.D.) and with some good practice of dowsing, many people are able to detect these grid systems themselves. We've made the search for Geopathic Stress zones an important part of our consultation work and also offer a seminar specifically on this topic. Please check our seminar calendar at events.
We use electronic instruments whenever technology offers a practical solution to detect and measure Electro-smog as electrical, magnetical and high-frequency fields. To measure the effect of any of these harmful energies on one's body and on one's subtle energy field (AURA) we use Dowsing and a method called AK-Testing (Applied Kinesiology).

First rule is always to avoid these spots altogether. Move your bed or work place, if possible.
If a change of position is not possible, some natural materials can be used with different degrees of shielding effect depending on the material - and even the brand used. In older times straw mattresses and stamped clay floors provided a natural shielding. New building materials, such as concrete, unfortunately, give very little protection. The German authors, Wilhelm Gerstung and Jens Mehlhase, M.D., have spent years of their research investigating and describing these energies and materials to shield them. (see The Complete Feng Shui Health Handbook ,Gerstung / Mehlhase, M.D.)
Their latest development is a number of products called Feng Shui Power Products. Most popular are the Feng Shui Power Disc 99 for shielding a whole house, the Feng Shui Personal Server for the personal protection and the E-Smog Server to take care of the effects of EMF's (electromagnetic fields) of cellphones and computers.
Nearly everyone has experienced the draining feeling after a few hours on the computer. We now are able to demonstrate with a very effective method the weakening of a person's energy next to a computer and how immediately it recovers after applying our devices.
If you would like to experience this yourself please visit us at one of the expos at our events calendar.

Traditional dowsers are looking first for harmful energy above underground watercourses.
Researchers from the middle of the last century describe noxious earth energies within different three-dimensional grid systems, mostly oriented North-South and East-West:

2 ½ x 2 Meter Grid (8 ½ x 6 ½ ft.) or Hartmann-Grid, first described by Dr. Ernst Hartmann, M.D.
10 x 10 Meter Grid (30 x 30 ft.) called Benker-Grid after Anton Benker, a German dowser
170 x 170 Meter Grid (550 x 550 ft.), carrying a specific energy similar to that above water veins
250 x 250 Meter Grid (800 x 800 ft.), the grid with the strongest negative potential
400 x 400 Meter Grid (1,300 x 1,300 ft.), with side lines 100 ft. on each side of the main structure
3.6 x 3.6 Meter diagonal Grid (12 x 12 ft.) or Curry-Grid, after Dr. Manfred Curry, M.D.

Earth fault lines emanate harmful energy above the area of fracture
Electromagnetic fields (EMF) have a strong draining effect on biological systems, caused by disturbances of:
Power lines feeding into a house
Electrical appliances, mostly through the transformers, but also microwave ovens
TVs and computer monitors
Office equipment: computers, fax machines, copy machines, etc.
Mobile telephones and cellphonesPlease find more information on EMF at Electro-Smog.
For a more detailed description of health issues or the size and consistency of the different grid systems, please see The Complete Feng Shui Health Handbook by Gerstung/Mehlhase, M.D.

A QUICK QUESTIONNAIRE FOR POSSIBLE SIGNS OF GEOPATHIC STRESS!How is your sleep? Do you feel rested and fresh in the morning?
Do you need a long time to fall asleep?
Do you regularly wake up during the night (especially between 2 and 5 am)?
If you have any small children in your family, how do they sleep? Is a baby always moving to one side or corner of the bed? Does he/she have nightmares?
Does a baby cry for prolonged periods of time for no apparent reason?
How is the concentration of your children at school?
Are there any chronic health issues you or a member of your family has to cope with?
Is there a history of cancer in your family?
Do you see signs of abnormal growth on trees or bushes around your house?
Do you have problems with ants or other insects in your house?
Does your cat prefer a special spot on your bed or favourite TV chair?
Does your house have an indoor pool or do you sleep in a water bed?
Is your home heated by a floor heating system?
Do you keep a TV next to your bed?
Do you feel drained after spending time in front of your computer?
Do your children spend hours on their cellphone or with their computer games?
Do you sleep next to a radio or radio clock with red numbers?For comprehensive answers to these questions, please see The Complete Feng Shui Health Handbook by Gerstung/Mehlhase, M.D.

PLEASE NOTE: We'd like to emphasise that the FENG SHUI POWER PRODUCTS are not meant to be a substitute for traditional or alternative medical treatment. The FENG SHUI POWER PRODUCTS support any treatment by shielding Geopathic Stress, by supporting one's Qi and enabling the body to regain its own strength.


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