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The Institute of Feng Shui & Geopathology integrates all different teachings, Form School (the study of the forms and flow of chi), Compass School and Advanced Flying Stars (the calculation of beneficial directions and time aspects), as well as the Western tradition of Geopathology (the study of the influences of earthlines and underground watercourses on our health and well-being).

Our mission is to explain the basic principles of Feng Shui from an energetic perspective more than from that of a necessary believer. We use dowsing and AK (Applied Kinesiology - muscle testing) in our research and work, as well as a Quantum Biofeedback computer to detect Geopathic stress and to work on the energy of a house and the Health of it's residents.

We are located in PortlandMaine, and offer Feng Shui Consultations for businesses and residential clients all over New England. Special guidance for Real Estate questions complete our services.

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